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Friday, October 19, 2007

Romance Seminar

This week I need to take a break from our look at Rites of Passage to make an important announcement. At 7pm, on October 17th, there will be a Romance Seminar as part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month at the Human Rights Education Institute on Sherman Ave.
You may be asking yourself why are we talking about Romance during Domestic Violence Awareness Month? I am glad you asked! This is an appreciative inquiry (AI) look at the problem; which is to say we look at what is good, right and works, as opposed to looking only at the bad, wrong or broken. The idea being that if couples are engaged in loving, fun and functioning relationships, they are far less likely to abuse each other, emotionally or physically.
The evening is free to attend and we will have romantic raffle packages donated by local businesses with the proceeds going to the Women’s Center and the Human Rights Education Institute. The largest package is a Wedding Vow renewal ceremony and a night at the Greenbriar Bed and Breakfast. There is a wonderful food basket donated by The Olive Oil Company and flowers by Creative Touch Floral. We are going to have a lot of fun, learn some new things, and share ideas on what it means to be romantic. I will be the facilitator for the evening and a number of people have put a lot of time into a fun and educational evening.
The aspect of the evening we are most excited about is having invited our local High School Junior and Senior classes to this event, and we have designed two raffles specifically for those students. We know that Date Rape and Domestic Violence issues begin when youth start dating. This evening is a bid to stop that cycle by explaining to them a better way to behave in a relationship. This type of education is of particular importance when the right kinds of behaviors are not modeled at home.
I have pointed out the critical importance parental examples play, in modeling for young people appropriate relationship behaviors, in past columns. This modeling is why it is so critical for parents to behave in a romantic manner to each other in front of their children, even if they do not believe they have another reason to do so. On a related note, if you are behaving romantically only for this reason don’t be surprised to find yourself much happier and satisfied in that relationship.
This seminar is about romance, not love nor sex, although romance snuggles nicely up against both of those topics. For my part I will not be discussing anything salacious, and I am hopeful audience members will be tasteful in their questions.
So please, make a date to invest in your relationships and come have a fun, informative evening that will benefit a great cause. I hope to see you there!

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