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My new BOOK!!!
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My Leadership Workbook
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Friday, October 19, 2007

Goal Setting Part II

Go find the goal setting sheets you wrote last time we were together. If you didn’t do so; don’t worry, I’ll wait. (I’m probably slaving over my next column anyway.) Aren’t they buried under those papers on the counter?
In our last time together we left off having written your goals down under the appropriate headings and me extolling you to pay no attention to those who try to deter you from accomplishing ANY goal. A word of caution here. If someone is asking how you will overcome an obstacle to your goal, thank them; you will probably have to figure out how to overcome this obstacle and several others you can’t yet see. However if you are being told you aren’t smart, pretty, fast, big or talented enough to do something, ignore it; they are speaking from either fear or jealousy (and no, I don’t need to have met you to know that).
Now I want you to review your goals and ask yourself if what you wrote really reflects what you want. Those of you wondering, “What the HECK possessed me to write ‘run a marathon’, I don’t even own running shoes”, feel free to erase now.
Once you have eliminated any goals that really aren’t you, ask which of the goals you have listed are most important to you. There may come a time when you will have to prioritize one goal over another. There is no “right’ answer here, what is “right” for you may not be what would be “right” for me or anyone else.
The next step is to write the goals down in logical order. For example if you wish to be a veterinarian, your best chance is to graduate from college with an undergraduate degree, and for your best chance to go to college you need to do well in high school. Once your goals are in order, under the proper heading, then write the following under each goal:
any steps you can identify to achieving the goal, any known obstacles to the goal,
any possible solutions to those obstacles (including anyone that might be able to help)
a due date assigned to each of step to the goal.
The last step in this part of our process is to publish our goals. No, I don’t mean here in the paper; I am referring to telling friends and loved ones your goals and asking for their help and support. Ask them to hold you accountable to accomplishing your goals and allow them to share in your success.
I could waste a lot of ink providing stories, proving this system works. Instead I am going to ask you to spend a few minutes worth of effort and have just a little faith in both of us. I know you will be very pleased in the reward for your effort.
Next time we will share some thoughts on finding a partner on the adventure of life. Hopefully, a few of you will tell me I’m a genius in the story comments section; I am sure the rest of you will use the same section to tell me I am an idiot.

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